Dreams in Green

Lavender's blue, rosemary's green.

Nasturtiums tumbling out of their pot.  They don't exactly climb, they sort of flop and tangle around.

Baby lemon growing on my mother's Meyers Lemon tree.  It had dozens of blossoms earlier this spring, but only a few of them seem to have been fertilized.  Lazy bees.

A shamrock in bloom.  I bought it on sale after St. Patrick's day.  By the way, I have red hair. Back around St Patrick's day, a strange man saw me walking across the parking lot and yelled, "Oh, the luck of the Irish!"  Not Irish, sorry.

Baby cucumber!  Cucumber vines have male and female flowers, and I don't trust the bees to figure it out.  (Not many bees in my area.)  So I've been experimenting with hand pollination, and this cucumber finally "took."

Of all the bean seeds I planted, only this one has germinated.  It's shooting for the sky. 

Pea plant!  It may be too late in the year to start peas.  Apparently pea-plants don't like extreme heat, which Florida certainly has.  But I'm dreaming of fresh peas, lying in their pods like little green pearls...

Broccoli, so stately with its silvery leaves.  I coddled my broccoli plants through the winter, recently transplanted them to a large pot, and they finally are thickening up.

Miniature climbing rose.  I love having roses growing in between my vegetables: beauty mingling with humility.

The first tomato of the summer.  This is a Beefmaster tomato plant.  Yes, fear the Beefmaster!

When I am queen, you shall be king.