IMC Day 1

I arrived at the Orlando Airport this morning.  I've been to this airport before, but apparently since the last time I was there, they adopted a new mascot: Freaky Racoon.

I took a picture because I thought he was hilarious. Lots of things are hilarious when I've only had a few hours sleep.

Then, in the elevator, I encountered Freaky Racoon again, this time in plush form:

At this point my mom said I was acting like a tourist from Wisconson.

The lovely swamps of Central Florida-- my view from the plane. I had forgotten the airplane smell: recycled air, a hint of tar, and cleaner.  I love that smell.  It's the smell of travelling.

A few hours later I arrived in Conneticut and got a shuttle to Amherst College, Massachusetts.  I had forgotten that in Massachusetts, all the streets are named things like Liberty Ave or Congress Blvd.  (And I just realized that I have been spelling Conneticut wrong my entire life, because spell check informs me that it should be "Connecticut." )

I wanted to take pictures of my dinner adventure in this quaint New England town, but although I remembered my camera, I left the memory stick in my dorm room.  Speaking of which, this is my dorm room:

My room is in the basement on the side of a hill, and there are these cool  little steps in front of the door.  The dorm was built in 1912 and has a fireplace in the common room and old fancy-glass windows.   Very Hogwarts-ian.  I keep expecting to see Malfoy.

Oh yes.  This week is about illustration.   Of the possible subjects we were assigned to illustrate, I chose The Hunger Games.  I am not a fan of The Hunger Games.  (I will never forgive that author for what she did to Peeta.)  But I do love to paint the Appalachian area that Katniss knows as District 12.

Katniss hunting. The deer's last sight of the setting sun.  Sort of a metaphor for the innocence of the Tributes being led to the slaughter by the Capitol.

Quick colour sketch.  I ♥ painting mountains.  I want to paint Katniss wearing dirty, muddy clothes that have been patched and torn and grass-stained, clothes that would blend into the bushes.  Only her face would be lit up by the sun.  The deer is the focal point.  Katniss is half-hidden.

Tomorrow the faculty will critique our sketches and we'll get to find a place in the studios.   Breakfast starts at 7am.  I am not by nature an early riser, so we'll see how well this goes...

Tomorrow the faculty will critique our sketches.