IMC Day 3

So after much wrestling with sketches of dead deer, I decided to ditch Katniss and go back to an old idea of my own:  a fairy-like girl summoning spring at the end of winter.

And suddenly this creature of life and green things comes up against a tomb.  Death vs.  life, winter vs. spring.  Only her spring is not powerful enough to touch this winter.

Under the advice of Donato and Rebecca, I made lots of thumbnails.  Lots and lots of thumbnails.

Bottom right thumbnail was drawn by Rebecca as an example. (Famous illustrators are drawing in my sketchbook!!!)

I wanted a sort of creepy cross for the grave. I asked Brom for help, since is he famous for creepy.  So he drew a creepy grave for me:

On the left, sketch by Brom. (Sorry for the poor lighting. I am working on a borrowed computer that doesn't have an image editing program.) Hopefully tomorrow I'll finish the drawing.