Metropolitan Museum of Art Sketches

Top Row: 1) Pavlova by Alfred David Lenz. Anna Pavlova performed the ballet "Dragonfly" in 1915 in New York. Bronze, 1916.

2)  Diana by Edward Francis McCartan.  Diana's hound lunges forward, she restrains him effortlessly.  She is crowned with a tiny quarter moon.  Bronze, 1923.

3) Young Faun with Heron by Frederick William MacMonnies.   A faun captures a heron, mischief and cruelty.  Bronze, 1889.

4) Maiden Cup by Heironymos Imhof.  A ceremonial marriage cup.  The bride would drink from the beaker suspended between the maiden's arms, and the groom would then turn the cup over and drink from the maiden's hollow skirt.  Germany, c.1610.

5) Filatrice by Henry Kirke Brown.  "Filatrice" is the Italian word for spinner.  She holds a spindle in her right hand and a distaff in the other.  Bronze, 1850.

6) Fourteen Year-Old Ballerina by Edgar Degas.  Cast in bronze, her skirt is cotton and a satin ribbon is in her hair.  1922.