Newborns - Part II

More newborn thoroughbreds at the Double L Ranch!  Read about the first Newborns, if you missed them.

In the front is the newest arrival Black Rhapsody and her mama- though strictly speaking, she isn't black, but dark brown.  In the background are Milkdrop and mama. 

Milkdrop scratches her neck with her rear leg!  What talent!   Milkdrop was actually the first foal to be born, but I hadn't been able to think of a name for her until today. 

I have been calling her Legsy...From a distance, the foals look like four-legged spiders: a tiny body perched on top of looong skinny legs.

But after staring at the little white splotch on her face, I realized it looked like a Milkdrop. 

Speaking of milk, I tried milking one of the Mamas today.  I milked a cow once (years ago) and remembered the basics of Milking Theory 101.  I held a teat and squeezed it, like a tube of toothpaste, from bottom to tip.  After a couple of tries, I had a stream of milk squirting out!

No fears, I left plenty of milk for the baby.

Meanwhile, in the continuing adventures of James and Lupin, the teenage wonderstallions...

Lupin is on the left, with the stripe on his face.  James has the spot.  James also has a nasty cut on his neck, probably thanks to a kick from Lupin.  It was caked with mud, hair, and pus, so I rinsed it clean and picked out the gunk.  (Easier said than done.  It took fifteen minutes of two people maneuvering James to get him close enough to rinse off...)

They've been having a few male dominance issues lately, though James remains the Boss.

Three pregnant mares safely delivered, two still to go.