The Screenplay: Day Three

Having become convinced that the book is trying to flatten my creative drive under the weight of impossibility, ("Today you're going to write thirty pages! Have Fun!") I put the book aside and tried to make some reasonable goals. First goal, finish the screenplay by the end of the month.  The book says the screenplay must be 120 pages long.  I have 16 pages written, 104 left to go, and there are 17 days left in the month.  104÷ 17 = 6.1.  So if I write 6.1 pages per day, I'll finish it.  That's reasonable.

Second goal, follow the rules and then throw them out the window.  The book lists a lot of rules about the hero's turning point, the crisis, etc, and the precise pages on which these events must occur.  But trying to rigidly follow the hero's journey will only result in a catastrophe like the last three Star Wars movies or the Inheritance Cycle (apologies to any Paolini fans).   I'm going to follow the rules-- and then go back and break them when I revise.

So I'm off to write my 6.1 pages for the day.

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