The Screenplay: Day Four

Since I was still having trouble wrapping my head around the stylistic essence of the screenplay, I thought of a simple solution: imagine it's an RPG.   For non-nerds, that acronym stands for role-playing game.

Yes, I used to do a lot of text-based RPGs online, and they were nothing but description and dialogue, like this:

**The Fellowship emerges into a swamp full of  itchy insects.**

Frodo: I hate mosquitoes!  *scratches madly*

Strider: We don't call them mosquitoes in Middle-Earth.

Frodo: What do we call them?

Sam: Skeeters!

Strider: Midge-flies.

Pippin: ARRRGH!  *disappears under a wave of swamp water*

Frodo: I hate my life.

For some reason, thinking of a screenplay as a formalized RPG makes it much easier to write.

I could go study how Shakespeare used description and dialogue in his plays.  That sounds much more cultured and intellectual.  But to be entirely honest, I have spent more hours pretending I lived in Middle Earth than I have reading Shakespeare.

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