The Screenplay: Day Nineteen & Twenty

For the past month I attempted to work my way through How to Write a Movie in 21 Days.

Twenty-odd days after I began, I have a partially finished screenplay and a lot of frustration.

I would not recommend this book if you're actually expecting to write a quality screenplay in twenty-one days.  The author gives HUGE assignments, like writing thirty pages in one day. (Yes, really.) Some writers might be able to do this, but I couldn't-- not with a project as vague and undeveloped as my screenplay concept.

But I would recommend this book as an introduction to screenplay structure and formatting. The author includes some good advice about avoiding procrastination, knowing when to push ahead, and when to quit.  (More about that tomorrow.)

The concept of death probably frightens you profoundly.  You feel that if you finish anything, it means you will die.  (I've worked with many writers who feel this way.  You are not alone.) ...It's not death that you are afraid of.  It's more life.    If you can take your character from point A to point Z and are willing for him to experience unknown adventures along the way, then he will not end in death: he will end up more alive...So put your hero on the roadway.  Give him life.

-How to Write a Movie in 21 Days, Viki King