Plein-Air Painting

I haven't done any plein-air painting since my sophomore year in college.  I enrolled in a Painting 101 class that promised to teach oils, acrylics, and watercolors.  Unfortunately, I went to class hoping to learn the techniques of the Old Masters, and the professor had other ideas.   I wanted to paint like Vigée Le Brun, my teacher wanted me to paint like Edvard Munch. Our class did one plein-air painting session during the middle of summer, in a particularly ugly area of the campus.  (My teacher's theory was the uglier, the better.)  I was hot, irritated, and ants crawled all over my canvas.

This month, I've started working through James Gurney's Color and Light,and I'm giving plein-air painting another try.


First effort.  Sunshine.  This golden tree looked brilliant against the blue sky.  It's unusual for any trees to change colors in autumn/winter in Florida, so this tree really stood out.