Funky Norse Hats

The bad news: my hard drive died this past weekend.  I'm thinking about holding a funeral.  I had lots of documents and image files that were not backed up, so my best hope is that the data recovery autopsy people can somehow get them back. So take warning from my mistake: ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR WORK.

The good news: a friend loaned me some old Thor comics.  They are utterly hilarious.  I don't think they were intended to be hilarious, but...


This issue is from July 1971.


The ads seem targeted towards skinny adolescent boys who want to look Thor-ly.


Now Odin gets blasphemous.  Also, Odin's hat.  ODIN'S HAT.  I can't call it a helmet.   And why does the One-Eyed god have two eyes?


So eventually Thor and Company return to Asgard, only to find that Loki's taken over by seizing the all-powerful Odin-Ring, which Odin just happened to leave lying around before he went off to rescue Thor.  (Honestly.  Odin just leaves stuff lying around, like the Blue Cube of Doom.)  I think Loki takes over Asgard on a weekly basis.  He doesn't seem to do any lasting harm.  He just cackles and stalks around and banishes people.

Odin's not the only one with a funky hat.  It looks like Loki stole one of the Queen's hats and stuck some horns on it.   And it's pink.  Loki, no one will take you seriously as an evil tyrant if you're wearing a pink hat.