Sweating Out the Words

I am an easily distracted writer.  I always need to trick myself into concentration.  For the past few weeks I've been exercising before I sit down to write.  Stretching my arms and legs switches on my brain.  I sweat out my reluctance to confront a blank page. My preferred form of exercise is a hike up a mountain, but I live in Florida, where the temperature in August varies from Sauna to Sixth Circle of Hell, and the only mountains are made by fire ants.  So I don't do much outdoor exercise.   I prefer to sweat in a comfortably air-conditioned room with a fan blowing and a glass of ice water a few inches from my hand.

This is where Youtube comes in.  This morning I worked through Day 18 of Erin Motz's Yoga Challenge:


I don't know why setting the body in motion sets the mind in motion, but it does.