World-Building, Week Four - Costumes


Costumes of Asgard, for Sean Murray's World-Building class.

Healer ceremonial garb. The Sisters of Mercy are an all-female order who use both medicine and magic. For ceremonies they paint a red slash across their eyes in honor of the founder of their order, who healed blindness with her tears.

Farmer festival clothing. The men of Asgard like to collect trophies: furs from hunts, gold won at the gambling tables, cloth embroidered by a sweetheart, etc. Strength is more respected than class. A strong farmer will be honored. A weak nobleman will find himself despised.

Noble lady's dress. The nobility import new fashion styles from the lower realms (invention and creativity is not a trait often found in Asgard.) Ladies often keep small pets. Lockets worn on the bodice hold scented herbs or locks of a lover's hair.


Some sketches for working men's clothing.


Where is week three's assignment, you say? Week three is not yet finished, due to a bout of the flu and the fact that my parents are packing to move halfway across the country.