Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - Sketches

Since one of my new year's resolutions is to visit more museums, I began yesterday by visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown Houston. Admission is free every Thursday. The MFAH has a wonderful collection of European art, including this painting by The Master Himself, Bouguereau.

eldersister_bouguereau The Elder Sister

She has a soft smirk on her face that I didn't notice until I was very close to the painting. I know that proud, sisterly smirk. I used to wear it when I held my baby brother.

Museum sketching is difficult. Standing for a long time in one spot resulted in people shuffling around me, and it's awkward to support a large sketchbook in one arm while trying to draw with the other. I really want a Nomad Artist Satchel whenever they become available.

Anyway, I did a few quick sketches. I'm fairly certain I saw and sketched another cast of that statue of Diana at the Met.


The first visit to a museum is always overwhelming, even when I tell myself I don't have to see it ALL. Next time I'll slow down a bit and try to do more detailed drawings.


Photograph of "The Elder Sister" from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston