Enthralled, Revised

paigecarpenter_faun_small I posted this "finished" drawing a while ago, intending to transfer it to illustration board and start painting. But during the craziness of the holidays, moving to Texas, and a bout with the flu, this drawing got pushed aside in favor of more urgent projects.

A few weeks ago I took out the drawing again. I was still unsatisfied with several things, like the position of the faun's legs and the bushes. I asked my sister-in-law Stacey to take a look at it. Stacey is a photographer, and she's really good with composition.

With some help from her, I ended up with this:


More bushes on the far left, framing the figures. Extending the faun's lower leg so that the curve of his torso continues downwards. Adding more folds to the dress, flowing off the frame, so that the figures were not so boxed in. Raising the treeline. Adding the ruined towers at the right.

A lot of revision, but I think the piece works much better now. And I've started painting:


See the original post here.

Stacey's photography: www.staceydaniellephotography.com/blog