Art Order- Reckless Deck Challenge

recklessdeck If you haven't heard of the Reckless Deck, it's a 72 card deck that is "a shock to the creative system for illustrators, concept artists, cosplayers, and gamers"-- with a wild variety of prompts.  I asked for a set for Christmas, and I love it.

The Art Order recently hosted a challenge based on the Reckless Deck.  A set of prompts would be randomly generated, and entries would be created based on them.  Above you can see the cards I was given.   And here is the finished drawing created from them:


Prototype. Pencil, powdered graphite, & white charcoal on toned paper. 14" x 11".

If this has a Winter Soldier/Mass Effect flavor, it's probably because I've been playing a lot of ME recently, and mulling over the tragedy of Bucky Barnes.