Newborns - Part IV

The last foal at the Double L Ranch was finally born.  His mother is a grey thoroughbred mare, so I had been expecting her foal to be similar to her in colour-- not! 

He's a dark brown bay with a cute white splotch down his face.  It looks like someone hit him with a can of paint.

Which made me think of painters, absinthe, art movements, impressionism, Vincent Van Gogh, and Monet.

So I've decided to call him Impression.  Imp, for short.  Or Impy.

It's been wonderful working at the ranch while the mares were pregnant, watching the foals appear one by one with their different colours and personalities.  And I've loved naming them-- even though these names are not going to be their official registered names, if they ever make it to the race track.

Now the months of training begin: gradually making them accustomed to people, to being handled, and wearing a halter.

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