Museum Sketchbook: The Habsburgs

habsburg_journal I've been anticipating the Houston Museum of Fine Art's "Habsburg Splendors" exhibit since it was announce a year ago. One of my favorite paintings is on display: Jupiter and Io by Correggio, along with other treasures collected by the Habsburg monarchy. There are some fascinating pieces of armor, including this red coral-hilted ceremonial sword: utterly impractical, but gorgeous. I hope to visit again before the exhibit leaves in September.

Other news! I now have prints for sale of my recent work at my new Inprnt shop.


Inprnt has been recommended to me by several other artists, and I'm very happy with the quality of a print I ordered from them. They print in-house, check for color accuracy, and all prints are on 100% cotton rag acid-free paper.

At the moment my puppets and some older prints of children's illustrations are still available on Etsy.

Théâtre des Lapereaux

A new puppet theatre made for the Yopp! Family Arts Festival this past Saturday. Bienvenue au Théâtre des Lapereaux!  SOLD.

The Théâtre des Lapereaux (Theatre of the Young Rabbits) is made from an upcycled wooden frame and reinforced cardboard, handpainted with non-toxic acrylics. Newspaper clippings and wrapping paper ends are pasted and sealed to the sides.

The top is open so that the puppets can be lowered onto the stage, and the backdrop is removable for easier access.

This antique lace was owned by my great-great aunt, and the buttons are vintage early 1900's.

Under the stage is a pocket to store puppets and props.

Included a card telling all about the theatre.  ♥

Pumpinkin and Goodman Gobbles Puppets

Pumpinkin is back for another Halloween!

He has been improved with glittery buttons and brad joints.  Pumpinkin loves candy corn, spooky nights, and the Danse Macabre.  He is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Last year, Goodman Gobbles escaped becoming someone's turkey dinner!  Can he escape again this year?  Or will the hungry pilgrims finally catch him?!  Goodman Gobbles is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Jane Starcross and Tom Reading

Two new puppets are in my Etsy shop for Back-to-School weekend! Meet Jane Starcross:

She's packed her Happy Toast lunchbox full of shooting stars and is ready for a great school year.  Jane Starcross is now for sale in my Etsy shop.

And meet Tom Reading:

Tom holds hands with his friends Red Book, Blue Book, and Yellow Book while they cross the street.  (Yellow Book especially is prone to wandering off.)  He is also for sale in my Etsy shop.

I also updated the listings and photographs for the other puppets: