Drawing: Dark Angel


Dark Angel. Pencil & white pastel on toned paper, 9″ x 14.5″.

My final SmArt School project for the semester was an assignment given by Karen Berger, former AD of Vertigo Comics.  The assignment was a spec comics cover of a half-angel/half-demon lady confronting a mortal man in a cemetery.

While I was drawing I listened to Jen Titus' "O Death" on loop.

Idunn - Drawing

idunn_drawing_pcarpenter Ivaldi's Youngest Daughter. Pencil & white pastel on toned paper, 14.5" x 11".

In the dales dwells, the prescient Dís, from Yggdrasil's ash sunk down, of elven race, Idun by name, the youngest of Ivaldi's elder children. -Hrafnagaldr Óðins, Benjamin Thorpe's translation

The apples of youth grow in Idunn's orchard. Her apples give the Aesir their immortality-- without the apples, even Odin begins to wither and die. No wonder everyone in the Nine Realms covets her fruit.

The drawing for my current SmArt School assignment. I'll be painting over this in acryla gouache.

New Blog & SmArt School

Welcome to my beautiful new blog. I can't thank Stacey Carpenter enough for all her work designing it. I was stunned when I saw what she had created. I always loved fall semester when I was in college: the hard heat of summer softening into fall, and finally the blissful cold of winter. (I went to college in Tallahasse, Florida. Believe me, cold weather was a treat.) I spent endless hours in the libraries. I even enjoyed the stress of studying for finals, because as soon as the last exam was over, that meant Christmas was here and weeks of freedom.

Spring semester was never as much fun. Instead of the weather gradually cooling, the days got hotter until the sun felt like a slap in the face, and finals were twice as stressful. As a vocal student, I also had my end-of-year jury to look forward to, which meant my head was on the chopping block, and the voice faculty would decide whether I passed to the next year-- or failed. I would have felt less terror if I had been going to the guillotine.

"I'm going to bed before either of you two come up with another clever idea to get us killed-- or worse, expelled."

Hermione Granger, I feel your pain.


Pencil & white pastel on toned paper, 8.5" x 11".

I haven't enrolled again in university, but a few weeks ago I started Rebecca Guay's SmArt School class. The assignment we had to have ready for the first week: a piece in pencil so that she could see how we used reference and evaluate our drawing skills.