Half-Past Summer: Cover

The cover for Half-Past Summer. (More silhouettes!)

Here's the working "blurb" for the ebook:

George dreams the sound of green. Min revives a treacherous magic in a withered tree. Barnabas boards the wrong bus and discovers a place where nightmares walk and time stands still.

These three tales unlock the mystery of summer nights and soothe the heat of summer days.

Half-Past Summer will be available for Kindle within the next week.

Summer Ink

This is an illustration for Half-Past Summer, a trio of fantasy short-stories for children (and child-like grownups).  I haven't done much with ink before, but I really like it.  One of the things Dan Dos Santos hammered into my head during the IMC was the importance of value studies.  Working with ink and silhouettes forces me to think in nothing BUT values.

Half-Past Summer will be available on Kindle at the beginning of August.