World-Building, Week Two - Landmarks

paigecarpenter_thumbs_sheet2 A few thumbnail sketches for the Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge from Asgard to the realms below, and Idunn's Grove.

I originally had the gate to the Bifrost built underneath the lighthouse, but I decided that design wasn't working.  The gate wasn't big enough to support the massive lighthouse, which is supposed to be the tallest tower in Asgard.  So I split the two apart.


Here's a more finished concept.  I haven't done much design involving architecture until now, but I'm discovering that I really enjoy it.  I really like this piece and I'm planning to paint it at some point.

A few notes from Sean Murray's lecture on designing landmarks:

-Well-known landmarks in our own world often have very recognizable silhouettes (i.e., Eiffel Tower, Giza Pyramids, World Trade Center).  Play around with simple shapes and silhouettes-- both pleasing and disturbing.

-How does the environment (ocean, mountains, swamp) affect the design of the landmark?

-Sometimes landmarks are built around the remains of older landmarks, bits of walls or columns from earlier civilizations.