Lovely Laufey

Laufey_paigecarpenter_blogPencil and white charcoal on toned paper. 8.5" x 11"

Continuing my Norse series, this is Laufey, mother of Loki. (With baby Loki!) Her name means "leafy." She is also called Nál, "needle". Little is known about her other than her name, so I imagined her as a sort of forest spirit, with leaves and beetles in her hair and fawn spots on her skin.

Loki's surname in mythology is a matronym (Loki Laufeyjarson) rather than a patronym (for example, Thor the son of Odin would be Thor Odinson). I'm not sure why. Perhaps his father, Fárbauti, refused to acknowledge him? At any rate, his mother was important to him.

If you've seen the first Thor film, you may be imagining Laufey like this. Somehow Marvel turned the sweet lady of the leaves into a huge blue MALE frost giant who abandoned his infant son.  I'm counting that as a Fail, Marvel.

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