Summer Reading

I've decided to join the schoolkids and make a summer reading list.  Yes, it's August.  So I'm a bit late:  

Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V -  Shakespeare.  This September PBS is broadcasting The Hollow Crown, a BBC production of these three plays starring Tom Hiddleston and lots of other great British actors.  I want to read the plays before I watch the films.

The Epic of Gilgamesh.   Because it's epic.   I waded through this ancient saga a few years ago, but I think I'll appreciate it more a second time around.

Beowulf - Seamus Heaney's translation.  Another epic.  I've read this before.  I need to read it again.

The Poetic Edda - Lee Hollander's translation.  Because I can't write a novel about Norse bros' wild adventures without reading the source material, can I?

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - J.R.R. Tolkien's translation.  Another one I've read before and need to re-read carefully.   I think I missed the point the first time.


I would never pick up any of these when I need a book to cuddle (that's what Harry Potter is for).  To read these, I have to go armed and ready for battle.   Mind alert.   Eyes open.   Sword sharp.