Miraculous Watermelon

My homemade watermelon trellis. Will it actually bear the weight of watermelons? I don't know. Yes, I know there are several problems other than the spindly trellis-- the tiny container, not enough sun-- but in spite of this, I have a watermelon growing.

This watermelon is something of a mystery. First of all, watermelons have male and female flowers. In the absence of bees, the flowers have to be hand pollinated for fruit to happen. There are NO bees where I live. So I was planning to do some hand pollination, since this worked very well last year with my cucumbers.

But SOMETHING ELSE pollinated my watermelons.

I'm blaming fairies.

Tomatoes!  No mystery here.  Tomato flowers just need a bit of wind and pollinate themselves.  (Or vibration from an electric toothbrush.  Yes, I tried this method.)

Basil in bloom, companion-planted with the tomatoes.  One of my fruitless attempts to attract bees.

Blaming fairies for the lack of bees.  Fairies are bee-eaters, as everyone knows.