World-Building Class 2013

I've registered for Sean Murray's World-Building Class.  World-building is something I've always loved.  I grew up with Narnia, Middle-Earth, and Dinotopia.  There's something especially magical when words and images come together to create a world. During the course I'll be working on developing a new version of the Golden Realm for the Norse book project I'm in the process of writing.

Here's the prologue assignment - a brief verbal description of the world I'll be designing:

Once they called Asgard the realm of endless summer, where the trees grew so high they were burned by the sun, the stars sang at night, and the Rainbow Bridge spanned the sea between heaven and earth.
But ever since Odin Oath-keeper broke all his oaths and died, everything has gone wrong.  Fields that had never known frost are buried under snow.  Odin's bright halls in Gladsheim are dark.  The Rainbow Bridge is fading.  Odin's son, Thor, rules in Gladsheim, struggling to bind his fractured realm together before the final winter comes and the last fire goes out.